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Drama, History
Italy  /  Italian

Marcello Mastroianni Fulvio Imbriani
Lea Massari Charlotte
Mimsy Farmer Francesca
Laura Betti Esther
Claudio Cassinelli Lionello
Benjamin Lev Vanni 'Peste'
Renato De Carmine Costantino
Stanko Molnar Allonsanfan
Luisa De Santis Fiorella
Biagio Pelligra priest
Marcello Mastroaianni

A anarchist leader (Fulvio) wishes to retire, as he is old and tired. He tries to hide himself, but his friends find him and insist he carries on helping them. Written by Michel Rudoy {mdrc@hp9000a1.uam.mx} (IMDB)

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Edition Non-US Format, PAL Region 0
Barcode 3530941030707
Region 0
Release Date 6/10/2008
Subtitles Spanish
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1
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