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Arms and the Woman
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Mary Nash Rozika
Lumsden Hare David Fravoe
H. Cooper Cliffe Captain Halliday
Robert Broderick Marcus
Rosalind Ivan Marcus' Wife
Carl Harbaugh Carl
Edward G. Robinson Factory Worker
Suzanne Willa

Rozika, a Hungarian girl with a beautiful voice, emigrates to America with her ne'er-do-well brother Carl. After she gets a job singing in a saloon in New York's Lower East Side, Rozika's street singing attracts David Trevor, the owner of a large steel works that manufactures munitions. Trevor pays for Rozika's lessons with a master, and after she becomes a famous opera singer, she marries him. When World War I breaks out in Europe, Rozika, realizing that Trevor's munitions will be used against her homeland, pleads with him to refuse the allies' orders, but he ignores her. Meanwhile, Carl, who returned to Hungary after killing a man in a brawl, is sent by an anarchist group to blow up Trevor's plant. Rozika learns of Carl's plans and locks him in a closet, but he breaks through and shoots Trevor. After chases, gunfights and killings, German spies explode the factory. The wounded and financially ruined Trevor, realizing that his marital conflict is now over, says of his factory's destruction, "It is better so."

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