The Adventure Shop
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Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama
USA  /  English

Corinne Griffith Phyllis Blake
Walter McGrail Josephus Potts, Jr
Warren Chandler Josephus Potts
Priestly Morrison John Montgomery
Robert Gaillard Franklin Herbert
Freeman Wood
Fred Smith
Victor A. Stewart

Phyllis Blake and several other members of her social set decide to relieve their boredom by opening the "Adventure Shop," a business that will furnish its customers with excitement. Their first client is Josephus Potts, a pickle manufacturer who hopes to cure his son, Josephus Potts, Jr., of his obsessive longing for thrills. Immediately after Josephus' arrival in New York from his small hometown, Phyllis jumps into his cab and begs for his help in finding the "Green Gullabaloo." She then takes him to a gambling den and an anarchists' meeting, and when these fail to move him, she introduces him to the murders, blackmailing schemes and various other intrigues of the underworld, each episode staged by her friends. Finally, Phyllis and Josephus are kidnapped and held for $50,000 ransom in an abandoned house, an adventure not included in the contract. When his father's check arrives, Josephus, who has been aware of Phyllis' schemes all along, reveals that he staged the kidnapping to even the score with the Adventure Shop. Phyllis agrees to marry him, and with the $50,000, they depart on their honeymoon.

Source: Turner Classic Movies

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Kenneth Webb
Release Date:
6 Jan 1919
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Production Company:
Vitagraph Co. of America A Blue Ribbon Feature
Distribution Company:
Greater Vitagraph, Inc.; Star Series
United States