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The Anarchist and His Dog
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Drama, Short
UK  /  English

An anarchist makes advances to a woman. When these are repelled he throws a bomb at the woman and her gentleman friend, but his dog retrieves it.

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In spite of widespread public fear of aliens and anarchists, films could often poke fun at these despoilers of the British way of life. Indeed, many of the films featuring anarchists were comedies, among them Jimson Joins the Anarchists (1911); The Baby and the Bomb (1911), in which a baby frustrates an anarchist plot; George Robey Turns Anarchist, PC Nabben and the Anarchists and Pimple, Anarchist (all 1914).

Here, the anarchist (in the usual beard) makes increasingly violent advances to a woman. She is rescued by an honourable Englishman who sees off the foreigner. Planning his dastardly revenge, the anarchist is outwitted by his dog, which retrieves the bomb, blowing up his master. Of course, more dramatic films featured the real fear of anarchism and associated terrorist activities. A French and American President had been assassinated and Princess Ena, Queen Victoria's youngest grandchild, had an anarchist's bomb thrown at her wedding carriage in 1906. Such dramatic films included The Anarchist's Doom (1913); Aerial Anarchists (1911), in which St Paul's Cathedral is bombed; Lt Rose and the Royal Visit (1911) and The Great Anarchist Mystery (1912), in which a ship carrying a Grand Duke is saved from an anarchist's plot.

Simon Baker