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Anarchy USA, In The Name Of Civil Rights
UFO TV (1966)
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Volume 6 of the series Hidden Agenda: Real Conspiracies That Affect Our Lives, by G. Edward Griffin.

This astonishing film, produced at the height of the Civil Rights movement, has become more relevant today than when it was first made in 1965 as a subproduct of the cold war and the "McCarthy-era". Instead of merely telling the story of the 1960s riots, the film explores the circumstances preceding those riots and exposes a covert agenda which profits from the conflict of one group against another.

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Offensively wrong headed but historically fascinating piece of propaganda, 20 October 2007

Author: TimothyFarrell from Worcester, MA

"Anarchy U.S.A." is a documentary made about the civil rights movement made by the infamous John Birch Society at the height of the turmoil. If you're familiar with them, you may already know what to expect. Basically they claim that the Civil Rights movement is a mass communist plot to infiltrate American society. They draw a lot of comparisons between it and Cuba. Already, even the most conservative will probably be unable to take this seriously, and it eventually becomes rather funny because of how offensively wrong headed it is. However, it goes on for far too long and becomes rather monotonous and sleep inducing after a while. Those looking to see what some other people thought of the movement though will find this fascinating on a historical level. (4/10)