MALATESTA by Guy A. Aldred (from ‘Pioneers of Anti-Parliamentarism’, ‘The Word’ Library — No. 7, 1940. Strickland Press, George Street, Glasgow

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Nov 192015

“London. July 1896. At the Congress of the Second International Errico Malatesta and Michele Angiolillo met and became firm and lasting friends…” Flavio Costantini, 1969. From ‘The Art of Anarchy‘, Cienfuegos Press, Haverstock Hill, London, 1975.

“Enrico Malatesta, born in Capua, on December 4th, 1853, went to Naples to study pharmacology, and immediately came under the influence of Bakunin, in 1871. His interest for me consists in the fact that he was a direct link between Bakunin and the anti-parliamentary propaganda that I commenced in London in 1906. The story of my association with Malatesta was told in the Herald of Revolt for June 1912, and need not be repeated here. I remember Malatesta listening to one of my meetings at the corner of Garnault Place, Clerkenwell, before I became an Anti-Parliamentarian. As I was going away with my platform, he stopped not and said: “You are a strange person to be English because you are destined to become an Anarchist.” Although I was never personally very intimate with Malatesta, he made a point after that of attending a large number of the meetings that I held in Clerkenwell. When he did speak he stuck to this theory that I was destined to continue the development of Anarchist thought in Britain. Because of this contact at the very beginning of my anti-parliamentary activity, and because of his own association with Bakunin in his own youth but a few years before Bakunin died, I regard him as a natural link between the activity of the great contemporary of Marx and the movement that I have endeavoured to develop in Great Britain, very largely in face of the opposition of the alleged friends of Malatesta and the alleged disciples of Bakunin.
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Centenary celebration of ‘The Siege of Sidney Street’

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Jan 062011

The Siege of Sidney Street by Flavio Costantini

Whitechapel anarchists (with Phil Ruff, author of ‘Peter the Painter’ and Martin Wright) commemorate the death of 2 Latvians at the siege of Sidney Street, Stepney, on 3 January 1911.The siege involved the then Home Secretary Winston Churchill, around 700 Police officers and a detachment of Scots Guards. The siege followed a failed burglary at H.S. Harris Jeweller’s in Houndsditch on 16th December 1910, where three police officers were shot dead and two were left disabled. Two Latvians revolutionaries (Fritz Svaars and William Sokolow ) involved in the burglary were tracked to Sidney Street where both were shot after the seven hour siege. The incident has become part of East End folklore.

FILMS: The Siege of Sidney Street – 100th Anniversary Commemoration ; The Siege of Sidney Street (2007 – Bill Fishman and Stella Rimmington) ; The Siege of Sidney Street (1960 – feature film) ; Peter the Painter – parts 1-3 (Phil Ruff and Ian Bone)

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