Jan 052013
Alexander Berkman in his study in Paris

Alexander Berkman in his study in Paris

BerkmanCoverTHE RUSSIAN TRAGEDY, Alexander Berkman. ISBN 978-0-904564-11-2. Edited, introduced and compiled by William G. Nowlin Jnr. First published as three separate pamphlets in 1922 by Der Syndikalist, Berlin. Compilation first published 1976 by Cienfuegos Press Ltd., Over The Water, Sanday, Orkney. Cover illustration by Flavio Costantini and cover design by Simon Stern. This (Kindle) e-Book edition published 2013 by ChristieBooks, PO Box 35, Hastings, TN341ZS.

UK : £2.55 ; USA : $4.12 ; Germany : €3.12 ; France3,12 ; Spain3,12 ; Italy : 3,12 ; Japan : ¥ 344 ; Canada : CDN$ 3.99 ; Brazil : R$ 8,19

THE THREE PAMPHLETS, ISSUED HERE in book form for the first time (‘The Russian Tragedy’, ‘The Russian Revolution and the Communist Party’, and ‘The Kronstadt Rebellion‘), are Alexander Berkman’s first writings after leaving Russia in December of 1921. He had entered Russia just two years earlier, filled with devotion to the ideals of the Russian revolution and anxious to contribute his share to the revolutionary process. It was a return home for him, as he had lived his first 17 years in Russia and had grown up among the revolutionaries of that era. Now he was welcomed back as an important revolutionary exile from his adopted United States.

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