Mar 222012

The 'odd couple': the perfidious Germinal Esgleas i Jaume and partner Federica Montseny i Mañé (see Pistoleros! Vol 3)

An interesting ‘Top Secret’ report on the Spanish Libertarian Movement (MLE) in exile in France by the Vichy police Special Branch (Police Judiciare General Inspectorate) dated 20 January 1942*. (Côte document – Archives du Gard 1W170). The ‘Germinal’ mentioned in the report is Germinal Esgleas i Jaume, partner of Federica Montseny, whose (joint) perfidious villainy is one of the key themes explored in Pistoleros! (Volume 3).

 Vichy, 20 January 1942. TOP SECRET

Re: The Spanish Libertarian Movement (MLE) in France.

Some months ago, the police in Casablanca stumbled upon an anarchist propaganda centre in the Spanish refugee community in Morocco. The instructions for said foreign propaganda emanated from France where the movement appeared to be under the direction of persons called “Germinal” and “Marin”. Enquiries carried out by Superintendent Taupin of the Police Judiciare General Inspectorate resulted in the identification of the promoters of this Libertarian Movement who had set themselves up as a National Committee.

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Doubly Victims: Granado and Delgado

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Apr 022010

Granado & Delgado – Doubly Victims
Granado Delgado deux fois victimes

Granado Delgado dos veces victimas

Sobre los atentados Valle de los Caidos DGS

Sobre los atentados del Valle de los Caídos y de la Dirección General de la Seguridad y sus consecuencias and Granado y Delgado: dos veces victimas (4 pdfs — Intro and commentary by Antonio Martin in French, Spanish and English, the fourth document, the transcript of the ‘examination in chief’ of Jacinto Guerrero Lucas, is in Spanish)

These two texts (in French and in Spanish) are the result of a debate held in Madrid on 17 October 2009 on CNT premises in the presence of Jacinto Guerrero Lucas and Antonio Martin and a number of the comrades jailed in connection with two attacks mounted in 1962 and 1963 on sites of symbolic significance to Francoism. The pdf entitled “On the attacks on the Valley of the Fallen and Security Directorate (Dirección General de Seguridad – DGS)— and their aftermath” is a verbatim transcript by Antonio Martin of the tape-recording made of that meeting. The pdf “Doubly Victims: Granado and Delgado’ is Antonio Martin’s commentary on the cross-examination of Jacinto Guerrero Lucas, in Madrid, on CNT premises, on 17 October 2009 in relation to the 1963 Valle de los Caidos and DGS bomb attacks and their aftermath, the arrest and judicial murder of Joaquin Delgado and Francisco Granado

Estos dos textos resultan de la reunión contradictoria organizada en Madrid el 17 de octubre de 2009.en los locales de CNT en presencia de Jacinto Guerrero Lucas, de Antonio Martin y de compañeros encarcelados a raíz de dos atentados efectuados en 1962 y 1963 en lugares simbólicos del franquismo. El primer texto intitulado:”Sobre los atentados del Valle de los Caídos y de la Dirección General de la Seguridad y sus consecuencias” corresponde a la exacta trascripción por Antonio Martin de la grabación de la reunión hecha por CNT y el segundo texto al comentario “Granado y Delgado: dos veces victimas” por Antonio Martin de la reunión precitada.

Ces deux textes résultent de la réunion contradictoire organisée à Madrid le 17 octobre 2009 dans les locaux de la CNT, en présence de Jacinto Guerrero Lucas, de Antonio Martin et de compagnons emprisonnés suite à deux attentats effectués à Madrid en 1962 et 1963 dans de lieux symboliques du franquisme. Le premier texte intitulé «Sur les attentats du Valle de los Caidos et de la Dirección General de la Seguridad y leurs conséquences” correspond à l’exacte transcription par Antonio Martin de l’enregistrement de la réunion faite par CNT et le second texte au commentaire « Granado et Delgado : deux fois victimes » par Antonio Martin de la réunion précitée

The World That Never Was

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Mar 272010

Review of
The World That Never Was: A True Story of Dreamers, Schemers, Anarchists and Secret Agents

by Alex Butterworth
482pp, Bodley Head, £25.00
(The Guardian, 27/3/2010 — with an additional note ‘On Infiltration…’
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