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DownwithBolshiesTHE postwar wave of reaction in the United States cost the American people many of their most cherished democratic rights. It fomented nationwide intolerance, hysteria, hatred and fear. Thousands of innocent persons had been arrested, jailed and tortured. Scores had died in labor struggles, lynchings and race riots. Never before had terror and repression been so widespread in the nation. What were the causes behind this “foulest page in American history?”

Federal authorities explained the Palmer raids and other postwar repressions as necessary measures to protect the nation against a “Communist plot” to overthrow the United States Government.

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Dec 182012


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Cipriano Ricardo Flores Magón (September 16, 1874 – died, Leavenworth Penitentiary, November 21, 1922)

“A succinct biography of Ricardo Flores Magón together with a collection of his essays, a history of Mexican anarchism, and a chronology of the anarchist movement. “It contains the finest collection of Magón’s writings yet seen in English. It also presents important evidence in support of the argument that Magón’s influence within the Mexican left between 1910 and 1920 was far stronger than we have previously recognised.” John M. Hart, Hispanic American Historical Review.”

‘This collection of articles under the title Land and Liberty was first published by the Organising Junta of the Mexican Liberal Party in Los Angeles, California, in 1913. It was intended to be the first of a series of booklets to explain to English speaking readers, mainly in North America, the aims and ideas of the Mexican Liberal Party, and the true social aspect of the Mexican Revolution ignored by the general press. Some of articles published in ‘Land and Liberty’ first appeared in Regeneración during the years 1910-1912 and were written by Ricardo Flores Magón, William C. Owen and Antonio de P. Araujo.

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