Feb 092013

Tropea, Italy, August 2012: Stefano Delle Chiaie at the launch of his memoir ‘L’aquila e il condor’

 With the publication (in Italian) of Stefano Delle Chiaie‘s memoir ‘L’aquila e il condor‘ (The Eagle and The Condor — see filmed interview below – with SDC (aka ‘Shorty’), Ugo Maria Tassinari of Forza Nuova, Michele La Torre, and Manuel Grillo), a Bolivian comrade asked us to establish from SDC’s account what he (‘Shorty’) claims he was doing during his time in South America. We asked Paul Sharkey to share his thoughts/notes on the memoirs of this particularly pernicious character. Of equal interest is what ‘Shorty’ didn’t say about the Bolivian paramilitary death squads known as Los Novios de la Muerte, nor was there any satisfactory explanation as to his links with Klaus Barbie or how he was able to access such high political and military levels in Spain and Latin America.

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Dec 042012

December 2012

Dear Mr. President Obama: I wrote the following letter when you were first elected, but it looks as if it got filed away in one of your bureaucrats’ drawers. As the subject remains unresolved I write to you again with the same stress and feelings as the previous letter. I hope this time you take on board the extradition issue and return to Bolivians the trust in justice which you have preached and which I hope is not only paying lip service or electoral campaign point.

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Aug 112010

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Stefano Delle Chiaie. Portrait of a ‘Black Terrorist’ by Stuart Christie. First published 1984. Kindle Edition published by ChristieBooks, PO Box 35, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 1ZS (Check out all Kindle editions of ChristieBooks titles) NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE £2.71  READ INSIDE!

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On 2 August 1980 a bomb hidden in a suitcase exploded at Bologna railway station in Italy, claiming the lives of 85 innocent people and injuring over 200. The outrage at Bologna was just one more episode in what has become known as the ‘Strategy of Tension’ – a campaign of terror, infiltration, provocation murder (including that of anarchist Giuseppe Pinelli) that stretches back to the beginning of the 1960s and has its roots in the Cold War. But what exactly are the aims of this seemingly senseless campaign, and who are the people behind it?

Of the five people named as suspects by the Italian judge investigating the outrage at Bologna, one stands out from all the rest: Stefano Delle Chiaie. Master organiser of neo-fascist terror, or someone who has been deliberately set up as such by other more shadowy figures, the name of Delle Chiaie is inextricably linked with just about every major right-wing scandal and terrorist outrage to have rocked Italy during the past two decades. The history of Delle Chiaie is the history of Nazism in our world today. Through it we see neo-fascist terrorist organisations in their true role: that of “plausibly deniable” agents of an inner oligarchic power sphere which sets itself above all law and morality.