Feb 172014

Berkman1abALEXANDER BERKMAN, ANARCHIST — Life, Work, Ideas, Bill Nowlin ISBN 978-1-873976-69-2 (Kindle edition). First published by ChristieBooks in 2014 —  Check out all Kindle editions of ChristieBooks titles  — £3.08/€3.76/$5.50  READ INSIDE!  ¡LEER EL INTERIOR! LIMITED PRINT EDITION (25 copies) ALSO AVAILABLE — £25.00 (+ £5.00 p+p)

UK : £3.08 ; USA : $5.50 ; Germany : €3.76 ; France :  €3.76 ; Spain:  €3.76 ; Italy:  €3.76 ; Japan: ¥ 509 ; India: R310 : Canada: CDN$ 5.49 ; Brazil: R$11.94 ; Mexico: $66.21 ; Australia: $5,53

As a young student in Russia, Alexander Berkman claims to have heard the bomb explode which killed Tsar Alexander II in 1881. He emigrated to America and, inspired by the Haymarket martyrs, became active in Jewish anarchist circles. When Henry Clay Frick of Carnegie Steel sent in armed Pinkertons who killed strikers at Homestead Steel, Berkman traveled to Pittsburg and shot Frick in an assassination attempt of his own, hoping to inspire a workers’ revolt. He spent 14 years in prison, then rejoined his comrade Emma Goldman and was active in the free speech movement, in setting up free schools, in the beginnings of the birth control movement, and in defending numerous activists charged by prosecutors. He and Goldman organized against military conscription during World War I and were deported to Russia, arriving shortly after the Revolution. There, as anarchists, they also ran afoul of the Communist Party authorities who were intent on consolidating political power. They had to leave Russia as well, and then to leave Germany, finally landing in exile in France. Throughout, Berkman was a skilled organizer and both edited and wrote numerous publications. His life, his work, and his ideas are explored in this book.  The way Berkman lived his life, maturing in his thought but remaining true to his principles, has been an inspiration to those who have known of him.

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Jul 282013

THE GUILLOTINE AT WORK. Vol. 2: Twenty Years of Terror in Russia (Data and Documents), Gregory Petrovich Maximoff.

THE GUILLOTINE AT WORK. Vol. 2: Twenty Years of Terror in Russia (Data and Documents), Gregory Petrovich Maximoff. ISBN 978-0-904564-22-8 (347 pages – estimated) First edition published Chicago, 1940, by the Alexander Berkman Fund under the title: The Guillotine At Work: Twenty Years of Terror in Russia (Data and Documents). This, second (revised and corrected) Kindle eBook edition, published in 2013 by ChristieBooks. Cover illustration by the late Flavio Costantini. Jacket design by Simon Stern. (Check out all Kindle editions of ChristieBooks titles) NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE — £3.38/€3,91/$5.07 READ INSIDE!  ¡LEER EL INTERIOR! (See Vol. 1: The Leninist Counter-Revolution)

UK : £3.38 ; USA : $5.07 ; Germany : €3,91 ; France : €3,91 ; Spain: €3,91 ; Italy :  €3,91 ; Japan : ¥ 503 ; India : R296.00 : Canada : CDN$ 5.18 ; Brazil : R$ 11,24

A searing indictment of Marxist-Leninist practice and the ‘slaveholding democracy’ that was Soviet Russia from April 12 1918 when the Communist Party* patricians launched their well-prepared and sustained bloody pogrom against anarchists and anarchist and anarcho-syndicalist organisations nationwide; a campaign beside which the deeds of the Tsar’s secret police pale into insignificance. This is a gut-wrenching, anger-inducing account of the blatant, power-led, betrayal of socialist principles and ideals by Lenin, Trotsky, Bukharin, and all the other organisation- and party-building apologists for Marxist-Leninism and ‘democratic centralism’. The next time someone stops you to purchase a copy of Socialist Worker or any other similar title damn their eyes and refer them to this ‘book of destinies’. With a bit of luck the angel Jesrad might be lurking nearby ready to poke out their eyes with a tightly-rolled-up copy of The Big Issue and cast them into the gorge…

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Jul 012013

GuillotinesmallTHE GUILLOTINE AT WORK Vol. 1: The Leninist Counter-Revolution by Gregory Petrovich Maximoff; introduced by Bill Nowlin  and Sam Dolgoff.

Cover illustration by the late Flavio Costantini. Jacket design by Simon Stern. ISBN 978-0-904564-23-5, ChristieBooks, PO Box 35, Hastings, East Sussex, TN34 1ZS (Check out all Kindle editions of ChristieBooks titles) NOW AVAILABLE ON KINDLE — £3.34/€3,92/$5.07    VOL 2 Available here     READ INSIDE!  ¡LEER EL INTERIOR! 

UK : £3.34 ; USA : $5.07 ; Germany : €3,92 ; France : €3,92 ; Spain: €3,92 ; Italy :  €3,92 ; Japan : ¥ 490 ; India : R296 : Canada : CDN$ 5.23 ; Brazil : R$ 11,21


Gregory Petrovitch Maximoff (1893-1950)

The Guillotine At Work develops the theme that the Stalinist terror of the 1930s-1950s, the bureaucratisation of Russian society, the imperialist escapades, through to the total disregard for human rights in the Soviet Union and other East European countries under its dominion were not aberrations in the development of a socialist society, but rather a logical development of Marxist philosophy which found its orientation in the writings and actions of Lenin (and Trotsky), had Stalin as one of its chief protagonists, and throughout its history had a host of faceless bureaucrats maintaining and bolstering its repressive regime with even more sophisticated control of the hearts and minds of the peoples of Eastern Europe. The Guillotine At Work serves one main purpose: “to dispel the aura which Lenin’s disciples have bestowed on him by showing that Lenin was primarily concerned with attaining power and holding on to it as a dictator by means of terror.”   VOL 2 Available here

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Jan 112013

PovertyStatismATHE POVERTY OF STATISM Anarchism versus Marxism. A debate with Nikolai Bukharin, Luigi Fabbri and Rudolf Rocker (Introduced by Albert Meltzer) Translated by Paul Sharkey. UK : £1.93 ; USA : $3.10 ; Germany : €2,37 ; France2,37 ; Spain2,37 ; Italy : 2,37 ; Japan : ¥ 264 ; Canada : CDN$ 2.96 ; Brazil : R$ 6,30

Anarchist response to Nikolai Bukharin’s ‘Anarchy and Scientific Communism’; a libertarian critique of the proletarian state, the dictatorship of the proletariat, the organisation of production, etc., by two of Bukharin’s anarchist contemporaries. Includes Rocker’s essay ‘Marx and Anarchism’.

This what Lenin’s ‘Golden Boy’ — and, at the time, considered Lenin’s most-likely successor— Nikolai Bukharin, had to say about anarchism . . .  That is, until the Marxist-Leninist Golem finally caught up with him in 1938:

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Jan 052013
Alexander Berkman in his study in Paris

Alexander Berkman in his study in Paris

BerkmanCoverTHE RUSSIAN TRAGEDY, Alexander Berkman. ISBN 978-0-904564-11-2. Edited, introduced and compiled by William G. Nowlin Jnr. First published as three separate pamphlets in 1922 by Der Syndikalist, Berlin. Compilation first published 1976 by Cienfuegos Press Ltd., Over The Water, Sanday, Orkney. Cover illustration by Flavio Costantini and cover design by Simon Stern. This (Kindle) e-Book edition published 2013 by ChristieBooks, PO Box 35, Hastings, TN341ZS.

UK : £2.55 ; USA : $4.12 ; Germany : €3.12 ; France3,12 ; Spain3,12 ; Italy : 3,12 ; Japan : ¥ 344 ; Canada : CDN$ 3.99 ; Brazil : R$ 8,19

THE THREE PAMPHLETS, ISSUED HERE in book form for the first time (‘The Russian Tragedy’, ‘The Russian Revolution and the Communist Party’, and ‘The Kronstadt Rebellion‘), are Alexander Berkman’s first writings after leaving Russia in December of 1921. He had entered Russia just two years earlier, filled with devotion to the ideals of the Russian revolution and anxious to contribute his share to the revolutionary process. It was a return home for him, as he had lived his first 17 years in Russia and had grown up among the revolutionaries of that era. Now he was welcomed back as an important revolutionary exile from his adopted United States.

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