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The incomparable Sam Dolgoff: housepainter, anarchist/wobblie, public speaker and author; perhaps the last in the long line of self-educated workers. Writer of such works as the  THE ANARCHIST COLLECTIVES, Dolgoff was also a real story teller and jokester. A close friend of Italian anarchist, Carlo Tresca, Dolgoff is a critically important link to the immigrant anarchist movement. Died in 1990. This short interview segment is from 16mm negative, probably shot around 1978/1979 for Pacific Street Film‘s FREE VOICE OF LABOR (Freie Arbeiter Stimme) The lecture was at the old Libertarian Book Club; a “clubhouse,” so to speak for any number of Jewish, Italian and Spanish anarchists. Great place! How this 16mm negative wound up on two 3/4″ tapes is a mystery. Note, Steve Fischler doing sound. See FILMS

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Women’s Bodies — El Cuerpo de las Mujeres — Il Corpo delle Donne (see also FILMS)

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Mar 112011

WOMEN BODIES. This project took off as a matter of urgency. It all started with the observation that women – real women – are an endangered species on television, one that is being replaced by a grotesque, vulgar and humiliating representation. We sensed the enormity of this loss: the erasure of women’s identity is happening right before our eyes, but without a proper reaction, not even from women themselves. This led us to select television images that share a common manipulative exploitation of the woman’s body, to let people know what is happening–not only people who never watch television, but especially those who watch it but “don’t see.” Our aim is to ask ourselves questions, and to pose questions about the reason behind this erasure, a real “pogrom” of which all of us are silent spectators.Our project grants special attention to the erasure of adult faces on television, to the use of plastic surgery to erase any sign of the passage of time, and to the social consequences of this erasure. Il Corpo delle Donne — See also FILMS

Earthlings (2005 — Shaun Monson and Maggie Q — with Spanish subtitles) see FILMS

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Mar 112011

EARTHLINGS (see FILMS) is a 2005 documentary (with Spanish subtitles) about mankind’s use of animals as pets, and for food, clothing, entertainment, and scientific research. Narrated by Joaquin Phoenix the film features music by Moby — both of whom are practising vegans, as is the director Shaun Monson and co-producer Maggie Q. The film focuses on pet stores, puppy mills and animal shelters, as well as factory farms, the leather and fur trades, sports and entertainment industries — and finally the medical and scientific profession, EARTHLINGS contains footage obtained through the use of hidden cameras and chronicles the day-to-day practices of some of the largest industries in the world, all of which rely on animals. Advisory — this film advocates veganism