Jan 202011

'Mark Stone' - Mark Kennedy (police infiltrator)

Despite previously being a good friend of the now unmasked undercover cop Mark Stone/Kennedy, like most who genuinely knew him well I have until now maintained a stoic silence on the affair, in print at least. I regret having to make this statement and do so only in view of the fact that I have been named in the national press at least twice in relation to the matter, and to clarify the facts regarding the issue in as much as they pertain to myself.

Bearing in mind that I knew him longer than practically anyone else in the movement, and was certainly the first person to be targeted by the ‘Mark Stone’ operation, I regard the publication of my name as the inevitable consequence of some activists talking to the corporate media and dealing with them in a way that has allowed ex-PC Kennedy to further profit from his infiltration of our movement while partially rehabilitating himself in the eyes of a few. It is also the consequence of certain elements divisively trying to present the parts of the movement they infest as liberal to the point of being unworthy of police attention, compared to militant political movements which are implicitly fair game.

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